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RE: Twitter Lists

Dearest readers, I have a question.

Monsieur Henryk Lüderitz (@HenrykLuederitz) saw fit to anoint me a member of his ‘TOP Marketing Blog’ list (and for this, I offer him my sincerest gratitude).

Annointed Member of Top Marketing Blog

Can you please tell me what the significance of this is? I have been trying (and failing) to figure out what the benefits of being a member of a Twitter list are.

All thoughts and comments will be gratefully (and graciously – should they be negative) received.





A Question to Readers: On Twitter Lists

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This article from cuts across so many of the themes we have explored together so very excellently that there is really only one thing (or two) for you to do: CLICK AND READ [does not open in new tab; under 500  words].

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This article from MindSink [does not open in new tab; approx. 1350 words] by the ever-brilliant Jason Chow answers the question many may be asking about wearables:

So why aren’t these newfangled digital implements flying off the shelves?

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SMS: Working Out Your #SocialMediaStrategy

To top off our first #SocialMediaWeek, let us focus on strategy. A lot of people (too many, imho) dismiss social media as child’s play. I disagree. I think there is a way to do social media, and do it well. So take your drawing board out and get strategising!




We’re almost at the 3,000-day mark, and Kevin’s not far off (hello Watson!). I especially liked his take on Wikipedia:

It’s impossible in theory, but possible in practice.

A significantly longer video [20 minutes] than the ones I typically share – perfect for a commute!


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This infographic from Global Web Index nicely illustrates the continued rise of Instagram – a.k.a. Facebook’s expensively-acquired baby. At the rate Instagram is going, though, Mark Zuckerberg must be a very happy man (metaphorically speaking, of course).

I wonder how much money they are making with their ad roll-outs. I imagine a lot. Any ideas where I can get a glimpse at this information? #SharingIsCaring

#SocialMediaWeek continues!