About this site

*This site is no longer updated.*

In September 2014, I signed up for Squared Online, a 7-month Digital Marketing course developed by Google.

This is where I share my Squared experience – a.k.a. walk the fine line between knowledge-sharing and copyright infringement. I will not reproduce lesson contents on here; but I will tell you what the course has to offer, and share with you any interesting and/or useful material I stumble upon over the course of my Squared journey.

Who is this site for?

Everyone interested in digital marketing and all things digital. You might find it especially useful if you are considering signing up for Squared Online, but the material on here is not meant exclusively for prospect Squares. If you feel that it is, please let me know – this can be easily rectified.

Who am I?

My name is Val. You may know me from one of my other sites (the self-diagnosed serial blog starter that I am). But if not, I am delighted to make your acquaintance, and thank you for showing enough interest to have read this far.

I am a female in my 20s. I recently obtained a degree with a really long name from UCL that gave me the perfect excuse to indulge my extremely diverse academic interests, which include (but are not limited to): French (the language), Economics (Micro, Macro, Neuro, Welfare, European – you name it), International Organisations, Philosophy, Statistics, and Differential Calculus.

I currently hold a full-time gig (which I very much enjoy) as an Internet Marketing Analyst in Bangkok, but my heart and soul lies in the act – and the art – of writing. I entered the blogosphere in November 2013, and have now expanded my presence to include 3 sites – the one you are reading now being the most recent addition.

The other two are:

  • A Day in the Life of Val: if, for whatever reason, my life interests you and you would like to know more about it, this is where you should be headed.
  • Living Time: if you are also an individual of many interests (of which photography and travelling), you might find this enjoyable.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find the material on here useful.

September 2014

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